HDSDR recording scheduler - bulk modifying

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HDSDR recording scheduler - bulk modifying

Post by daveB » 10 Feb 2017 11:58

The recording schedule in HDSDR is in csv format which makes it easy to do bulk entries without having to do it one line at a time.

The file is located in the folder Documents\HDSDR\CSV and is called rec_sched.csv or rec_sched HDSDRplay.csv

Col A and B are the start and stop times in decimal format [do NOT modify the format]
Column C - set whether it is a daily recording. 0= off 1=on
Column D – LO frequency in Hz
Column E – Tune frequency in Hz
Column F – modulation
Column G- set record mode to RF. 0= off 1=on
Column H – set record mode to IF. 0= off 1=on
Column I – set record mode to AF. 0= off 1=on
Column J – set Action when recording ends. 0=No action; 1=stop HDSDR; 2=Exit HDSDR; 3=PC to standby: 4=PC shutdown
Column K is enable event - 0 = off 1 = on.

So to set up a whole bunch of 2 minute long files which switched frequencies to cover the whole FM Band I entered the first six manually – but with the same frequency as HDSDR automatically gives you an updated start and stop time based on the last entry.

Open the csv file in OpenOffice, modify Col D and E to the desired LO and tune figures for each recording.

It is then a case of calculating the time interval in another cell and using that to generate a formula in columns A and B for all the rest of the rows you want to populate.

Once you have filled Columns A and B then copy the first block of Columns C to K and paste into the rest of the rows.

If you are used to using spreadsheets the above should all make sense. And if you need to see the actual times as a date and time, just put a formula in, say, columns N and O and format the columns to dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss

When you save the file in csv format only the values are kept, and when the file is opened in HDSDR it only reads in Columns A to K.

You can then consider having different csv files for different purposes eg for recording 'on the hour'. All you have to do is save them with an appropriate name and when you want to use them “Save as” rec_sched.csv.

Note that HDSDR loads the recording scheduler went it starts – for any changes to take effect it you have to exit and re-start.

Here is one I prepared earlier. As csv files don't hold formulae the last line contains the formulae in readable format - just delete the single quote mark at the start of each formula to use them. You need to download it - not just preview it. [Depending how you open the csv file the single quote might be removed and the formulas are actually active]


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Re: HDSDR recording scheduler - bulk modifying

Post by AndyP (Telford) » 11 Feb 2017 15:52

Thanks for posting file.


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