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No Noise Is Good Noise! (Medium Wave)

Posted: 04 Sep 2017 17:41
by John Faulkner, Skegness

Re: No Noise Is Good Noise! (Medium Wave)

Posted: 05 Sep 2017 14:50
by simbeav
What are you complaining about ?
You can just about make out your loacal stations can't you ?
Stop being a luddite and buy yourself a DAB radio so we can fleece you again when DAB+ comes along.
Sign up to iplayer so we can "get to know you better"
We've got to keep the economy going by selling cheap Chinese electronics at below cost prices.
If we can't be bothered to send a policeman out to your burglary, why should we bother policing the airwaves...........

Re: No Noise Is Good Noise! (Medium Wave)

Posted: 05 Sep 2017 16:37
by John Faulkner, Skegness
You are absolutely right Simon.

I already bought a DAB radio. There's no decent DAB reception around here. Should I spend more money and buy a better one?

I pay my TV licence, which I think is worth every penny - in fact I would happily pay twice as much for their excellent and politically unbiased programming.

I already have an account with the BBC, so I will be able to listen to BBC Radio Lincolnshire live on their web stream after they switch off my local medium wave and, eventually, my FM outlet.

The noise can buzz away all it likes!