Solar Panels & Associated QRN

Noise and interference issues?
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Solar Panels & Associated QRN

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It looks like I will be moving the antennas in the near future. My other half is moving house, possibly in as soon as two weeks. The plan here is to keep the MW antennas where they are but the FM antennas will be coming with me.

The garden where the FM antennas will be located is full of tall trees which is going to be restrictive. That in itself may present problems with signal blockage or directivity but that's life.

My main concern is the property is going to have solar panels fitted. The first question I have is "Should I be concerned?"

Then "How much interference am I likely to expect?" comes next, closely followed by "What bands will be affected?" As you know, I enjoy DXing on the medium wave band and on band 2 FM.

I am really concerned that it will be a case of "Abandon hope all ye antennas who enter here." The end of my hobby! Or am I worrying too much? Is there anything I can do in order to minimise interference, other than to switch the things off completely?

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