Long tropo logs from Cape Verde

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Long tropo logs from Cape Verde

Post by zach_m » 31 Mar 2018 21:19

Hello guys,

Sorry if I placed this topic in a wrong entry, but I couldn't find a relevant place to it.

For the last week I was searching FMList for long tropo paths and logs from Cape Verde came to my attention. An unknown (to me) DXer has published some CPV recordings on YouTube and these can be easily found here.

He managed to receive tropo signals from the Canary Islands and Morocco. This gentleman log is present here. He was located in Santa Maria at the reception time. Some stunning distances are reported there, but that's not about this chap. This is just a view what's is going on in this part of the World regarding FM propagation.

Apparently, there's another location in Cape Verde on FMList with even greater distances involved! On 8th April 2017, another DXer located in Rui Vaz has logged via tropo 103.80 Rádio Renascença from Faro (in Portugal) at a distance 2906 km! The log from this event is here.

Tropo logs from Rui Vaz appearing also on 2016-10-16 and 2015-03-30 with Azores being logged at a distance 2534 km! I mean this is amazing!

I know that Spring in this part of the world is perfect for all of kind DX and German DXpedition in 2002 has proved that everything is possible, but why such an event came unnoticed? I searched the Internet and I haven't found a single report about this amazing log. It looks like an experienced DXer is behind these logs, but yet again everything came unnoticed.

EDIT: Log from 2015-03-31 showing stations from Arrábida (POR) being logged at a distance 2977 km via tropo. Who is behind these logs ???

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