possible 2m Tep in Essex?

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possible 2m Tep in Essex?

Post by Tim Bucknall » 13 Feb 2019 10:04

this was posted on the TEP mailing list
"Hi all thanks for letting me join the group.
My name is Rob G1TYY located in JO01IN, I've been licensed for over 30 years interested in Contests, Aurora, Tropo, E's, and WSW, especially Beacons, but no MGM at the moment.
I run a contest spec Yaesu ft-225rd+Mutek but only with a 4ele Tonna in the loft!!. But even so I can hear nearly as well(when there is no electrical/computer hash etc)as a station with a K3S and a pair of 9ele's!.
Anyway getting to the main topic, on Saturday 12th January I was listening in the EME portion of the band
hoping to pick up a JT65 signal with some Doppler. The beam heading was 135' from my QTH or straight down to the HB9 beacon. The time was about 14.10pm London time and according to my app the moon was bang on 135' but at 24' elevation!. So I didn't expect to hear anything(due to the elevation)as I hadn't
before except for the odd G station here and there. After half an hour or so I was about to give up as the time was 14.50pm with moon now 143' and 28' elevation. By the way I had NOT moved the beam. EME portion is from 110-160 although most stations seem to be between 116-140.
Anyway I then tuned to 144.115mhz and I heard a CW signal, very weak at about 51, which I thought was very strange. There was no Doppler and the signal was quite readable at times but also very choppy.
The signal was definetely giving callsign and locator as a beacon would and NOT calling cq on EME.
The signal stayed fairly constant for about half an hour or so before fading out about 15.30pm. My morse code should be better after 30+ years hihi but I definetely heard the first letter as a Z with a S or H in the
callsign as well. Have trawled the internet pulling my hair out for the last week trying to get more information. The time is about right for afternoon TEP to ZS but I am quite a bit north and the beam heading is off although with all the snow in the Swiss Alps could I have got a reflected signal from there to me!. (I didn't want to move the beam in case THAT WAS the sweet spot). The only other thing I could find
was Steve Hayman ZL1TPH, who does run/ran a beacon on 144.115 but I don't know if he was on at that time(would have been about 0400am his local time). Anyway I see Gabby EA6VQ is a member on here, and have looked at his DX Maps website, very interesting, so hoping for any ideas
Thanks again
Rob de G1TYY"

he has not responded to further questions
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