Very good scatter!

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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Very good scatter!

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 28 Jan 2015 11:10

Despite a mushy band today I am hearing decent signals from as far afield as Brocken in central Germany. It's obviously scatter and very fluttery with it but this is somewhat unusual given the current weather conditions. We just had a squall line go through with some strong winds and large hail. Even less common Dutch stations are getting through with the aerial horizontal.

Good DX!

Alex Cator
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Re: Very good scatter!

Post by Alex Cator » 28 Jan 2015 20:53

I was aware of the nice scatter conditions. I had a tune-around on the S10, just before going to school. Q-music had quite a nice signal (100.7 from IJsselstein), and I could hear some Dutch people talking in Dutch, after a Bastille song called 'Things we Lost in the Fire'. Briefly, 102.7 Rotterdam (Radio 538) was present. 538 was guessed by the fact the song was not on Heart Cambridge. 538 faded very quickly, into Heart Peterborough, and 538 didn't come back. Should've check Decibel then, as 97.6 is normally static, even though I'm used to using the 920, on which it is swamped by Manningtree on 97.7, so I normally forget 97.6. The XDR-S10HDiP has introduced a lot of clean frequencies to my non-mobile DX setup.
If you judge one's location (within Norfolk) as in East or West Norfolk, I am actually in West Norfolk, hence the reason why I get so much garbage on my FM band. That is maybe why I love going on DX trips to Lowestoft. I am (after seeing on a map) closer to Cambridgeshire than the coast, hence the reason why Madingley is so much stronger than Oulton, even though my antenna points in a direction more to that of Oulton than Madingley, in fact the opposite of Madingley's direction. Q-music from Egem (over Madingley) needs a lot of tropo to get it over Heart Cambridge, whereas The Beach on 103.4 is really weak, and Hallam FM could easily get over it. The very quick fade from 538 into Heart reminds me of a journey along the A11 from East Harling to Thetford, on a continental tropo opening. Radio 538 is very nice, with RDS and stereo of course, until I get near the first Thetford roundabout, where Rotterdam disappears completely into Heart.
Also remember a journey to Peterborough, so I could see what I thought of the place, with minor tropo conditions towards the Continent, which demonstrates how my continental results are more Broadland-like, than King's Lynn and West Norfolk-like. This was on the Ford 6000 CD in the old Mk.2 Focus from 2005, so the results could be better (as in the new Focus with the DSP radio). I went down the A11 to Thetford, hearing fuzzy, but audible, Sky Radio on 101.2 (Hilversum), between Larling and Thetford. After leaving Thetford en-route to King's Lynn, pretty much everything Dutch disappeared, and, 101.2 was swamped by Holme Moss (remember this radio had ceramic filters) while exiting Thetford. In the Stradsett (West Norfolk, with crystal clear Cambs/Peterborough/Lincs signals) area, I do remember a very weak Q-music from IJsselstein that day, but that was very weak and could hardly be heard, and that was the nearest to King's Lynn anything foreign got that day.
I have to say, as my location is nearer to Ely than Lowestoft (for example), I will prove that, even with the Korner 9.2 and HS Publications phaser, my signals will always be quite modest. Thanks to that 'new' setup at the new house, I will hopefully have results tackling all locals and semi-locals, so the results may be the best they can be at my modest home location.

Good DX,
Alex Cator.
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