The Leonids Have Arrived!

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The Leonids Have Arrived!

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 17 Nov 2017 00:04

I have been meaning to post something along the lines of "Are we bothering with the Leonids this year?". I may have as answer now. YES, definitely bother with this!

Leonid activity might have just taken off. Speaking to Andrew Webster in Wigan this evening, he told me there was a fair amount of MS activity on band 2 this morning. So, I just recorded an hour of the bottom of the FM band to see how conditions are and I can report some fairly spectacular bursts. So it might have begun. The burst at 22:57:24 was strong and lasted for almost five minutes!

So maybe we could be in for something good this year. Predicting meteor showers and storms is never that reliable and major peaks in these things can come unexpectedly. We have a VERY clear sky this evening with a slight frost.

I will be recording overnight. As usual, I will be positioning the antenna vertically and beaming towards the north-east.

Good DX and clear skies!


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