Tropo 21/01

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Tropo 21/01

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The band is surprisingly full in the southern part of the Carpathian Basin, stations from HRV and BiH fill up the band and bringing some new receptions like Radio Zupanja on 97,5 or Brcko Radio on 92,8.

There are 3 stations mixing on 107,5 at the moment, HitFM Ovcar, TDI Novi Sad and S Vrsac. (I usually receive Rádió1 Paks on this freq and occasionally Extra FM)

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Re: Tropo 21/01

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yes very intense

5A	v	Kiel K5A		Kronshagen (shs)		100km	310°	2
5C	v	DR Deutschland		Wittenberg/Gallunberg (san)	225km	156°	10	
	v				Kronshagen (shs)		100km	310°	5	
					Garz (Rügen) (mev)		150km	65°	5
5D	v	Antenne DE		Kronshagen (shs)		100km	310°	5	
6A	v	HESSEN NORD		Hoher Meißner (hes)		300km	199°	2.5	
	v				Fulda/Hummelskopf (hes)		368km	198°	2	
6B	v	MDR S-ANHALT		Wittenberg/Gallunberg (san)	225km	156°	9.8		
6C	v	NDR NDS BS		Bovenden (nds)			258km	200°	3.2	
7A	v	NDR NDS HAN		Stadthagen/Bückeberge (nds)	217km	220°	10	
7B	h	Berlin/BRBG 7B		Berlin/Alexanderplatz (brb)	200km	133°	10	
7B	v	hr Radio		Rimberg (hes)			352km	201°	10	
	v				Hoher Meißner (hes)		300km	199°	3	
7D	v	rbb Berlin K7D		Berlin/Scholzplatz (brb)	192km	136°	10	
	h				Berlin/Alexanderplatz (brb)	200km	133°	10	
8B	v	DAB2 S			Tønder N/Hydrovej 1B (sdk)	203km	312°	0.12
8B	v	NDR MV HGW		Garz (Rügen) (mev)		150km	65°	5
8D	v	NDR NDS OL		Holter Höhe (nds)		171km	274°	2	
9B	v	NDR NDS LG		Stade (nds)			122km	262°	6.3	
9C	v	NDR SH KI		Kronshagen (shs)		100km	310°	7.9
10A	h	NDR HH			Hamburg/Fernsehturm (ham)	87km	255°	1
10B	v	rbb BRB/BLN K10B	Berlin/Scholzplatz (brb)	192km	136°	25
10C	v	NDR SH NOR		Kaltenkirchen Kisdorf (shs)	80km	274°	10	
10C	v	NDR MV NB		Neubrandenburg-Süd (mev)	136km	101°	1.9
10D	v	Hamburg K10D		Hamburg/Fernsehturm (ham)	87km	255°	4
11A	v	MUX3-SYDSJ-BORN		Nykøbing Falster (sjl)		120km	23°	1.5
11C	v	DAB2 OE			Vordingborg/Mern (sjl)		151km	18°	7.1
11D	v	NDR MV PW		Pasewalk-Ost (mev)		186km	98°	3.2
11D	v	Radio fuer NRW		Teutoburger Wald (nrw)		263km	219°	10
12A	v	MUX3-SYDSJ-BORN		Rø/Kongensmark 4C (hvs)		281km	55°	1
12C	v	DK DAB1			Næstved/Øverup (sjl)		170km	12°	2
					Vordingborg/Mern (sjl)		151km	18°	0.3
12D	v	Berlin/BRBG K12D	Berlin/Alexanderplatz (brb)	200km	133°	10

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