End of HF listening in the UK?

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Tim Bucknall
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End of HF listening in the UK?

Post by Tim Bucknall »

from the VHFSkip group:

As anyone who has tried to listen to marine Ch0 in a built up area will
know there's a good chance it will be masked by carriers from numerous
Sky routers within the vicinity. Such is Sky's popularity it's likely
that one house in five uses them for net access so it's not good news to
see an announcement that their new routers and STBs have been designed
to automatically choose (based on signal quality) either WiFi or PLT to
communicate with each other.


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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Re: End of HF listening in the UK?

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness »

We just had a new Sky router, following six months of complaining to Sky for having no overnight internet service. By "no overnight internet service" I mean the internet cuts out, roughly for two minutes out of every five. This happens overnight between the hours of 0200 to 0500, but the problems often start as early as 2300 and can happen in daylight hours. Some Sky operators say there isn't a problem. Others can see the frequent disconnections. So it's been a battle to get anything done. This is typical of how big corporations operate in the UK. They don't give a shit.

So after six months we finally got a new router. It's not one of the new systems highlighted in the link above, but it causes slightly more QRN across band 2 than the previous router. It's not responsible for the noise I now have across medium wave though. The noise travels along the CAT5 cable, so I ought to set up a wireless connection. We have cancelled Sky but can't leave them until next March. I guess this is a taste of things to come. Seriously bad news. We may move to EE or stay with Sky, but definitely not British Evilcom or ShiteTalk.

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