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Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 15 Jan 2019 11:26
by pu2clr
I am from Brazil and my name is Ricardo.

I have a Radio Sangean ATS 909X, serial number 1478579, 2014, China, software information 1.29R (firmware/software version).
This radio works fine in most of its main functionalities.
However, some important functionalities described on the user manual do not work.

For example:
1. The button SSB does not work. I mean, I cannot listen to SSB (LSB/USB) stations;
2. The green button (On/Off) does not work in some situations (to turn off the radio, I have to press the button Time set (1 - see user manual), Daylight Save Time Switch (2 – see user manual) or “(13) STEP”;
3. The “(1) Time set”, “(2) Daylight Save Time Switch” and “(3) Home / World Time Selection” do not work as shown on the user manual;
4. The set of buttons “(14) Tuning Up and Tuning Down”, just Tuning Down works;
5. If I press the button “(13) STEP”, the radio turns off (to switch the tuning speed I have to press the button “(3) Home / World Time Selection”;
6. The action “reset Time and Microprocessor” by using the “RESET SWITCH” does not change the behavior reported above.

In general, I can listen to FM, LW, MW, and regular SW stations. Despite this situation, I think it is a really nice radio. For this reason, I would like some support or instructions that help me to fix these issues.

I look forward to your cooperation.

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 15 Jan 2019 12:28
by PFM907
hmmm...mine is working fine but it seems a total different series (4C001376). its a silver painted one (beneath the surface grey/white plastic), guess yours is black?
this behaviour might be due to hardware fault as well (wrong connection at soldered point etc.)
did you open the radio and check the circuit board?

The SSB button on FM mode should bring PTY (program type) and RT (radiotext) at RDS stations if RDS signal is received
If this button does not work on AM mode, what does it do if you are on FM and pressing it? does it work correctly then?

did you try the "OIRT hack" ? press powerbutton and lightbutton together for a few sec until RUSSIA turns on the display.
normally, the bandwidth should be extended from 64 MHz to 108 MHz by that. if its software bug, everything should be fine after this.

btw I have experienced a similar bug: One day, suddenly the range from 1610 kHz upwards and 530 kHz down was "gone"
so it is now not possible to tune from Longwave into medium wave with the weel as the range around 520 kHZ is missing as well as everthing beyond 1600 kHz does not work any longer (interesting utility stations are in this range)

however, I have still my old ATS909-W which is able to receive LW and MW completely from 100 kHz up to 1720 kHz.
do not want to do a reset because of my stations presets on the ATS909X

the 909X is a highly sensitive device and it needs a lot of care. to me it seems, it has a few bugs but the old 909W had those, too.
when tuning, suddenly the display changes and gets other numbers, a second "dot" in the frequency etc.

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 15 Jan 2019 14:29
by John Faulkner, Skegness
Welcome to the forum Ricardo. I just had to write to state the fact that you are the 300th member here at SkywavesDX !!

Great to have you in the group. :P

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 14 Feb 2019 00:45
by PFM907
seems mine is going crazy now, too. it shows "COUNTRY" as PTY on every station that comes in with RDS when pushing the RDS mode (in AM: SSB/USB/LSB switch) button. what the hell?!? :x

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 19 May 2019 17:33
by JanisDX_Latvia
Hello, Everyone!

I have the same problem what PFM 907 described. Suddenly my Sangean has started to show North American RDBS standart. How can I fix it?

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 22 May 2019 13:15
by PFM907
In my case, the solution was as easy as unexpected. I had forgotten to switch back from "10 K AM Mode" (US ) in the back to 9 K AM Mode (Europe) after the ending of TA dx season here.

So , as far as I understand, when the switch is still in 10 KHz AM MODE , the ATS 909x will provide US Programme type display in FM mode , such as "NEWS TALK "/ "COUNTRY " or "URBAN" which is quite useful when in the US , but unneccesary when in Europe.

I did not know that changing the switch from the common 9 kHz European AM mode towards 10 kHz will also have such an impact on FM display.

Re: Sangean ATS 909X with firmware problem?

Posted: 01 Jun 2019 19:27
by JanisDX_Latvia
Thank you very much PFM907! It works! Now I have European RDS standart.