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5950 kHz - KBS mixing with RFI

Posted: 05 Oct 2018 21:14
by PFM907
Currently, the KBS World Radio programme in French broadcasting on 5950 kHz is completely mashed up with another
cultural station also in French language with similar strength. Those ones are talking about Armenia and might be
CRI. What's the matter with this? Is this some kind of Luxembourg effect or what?
Is anybody else able to hear the second station in the background and has identified the reason for this?

The "interfering" one has also live sports coverage and African music in French and it is actually even louder than the original KBS signal which is completely useless this way. :? is not listing anything that fits, however I am hearing two px. right now loud and clear.

I guess this must be some trouble at the providers, because 3955 with KBS in German is fine, as usual.

Re: 5950 kHz - weird double

Posted: 05 Oct 2018 21:37
by PFM907
The louder of the two signals which I can hear at the moment is actually "RFI INTERNAT."
The shortwave audio from 5950 kHz is 0.5 sec. behind the Astra satellite .
I wonder how this signal comes to 5950 kHz between 20 and 21 UTC.
It is listed for 3965, 7205, 9790, 11995, 17620 right now. So 5950=LUX ?? or tranmitter problems?

If this signal is produced within my (two) radios, I have never experienced it before.

RFI International on 5950 kHz Issoudun // KBS

Posted: 07 Oct 2018 15:31
by PFM907
It was the same sh... yesterday and, despite of having contacted KBS World, it will be the same tonight, I guess.

my first idea was that this is some problem with the feed running towards the transmission site in parallel.
but regarding the fade, I now do get the impression that there are actually two different tx at two different
masts with two different beams are in operation at Issoudun the past few evenings interfering each other!!!

I cannot figure out any other logical explanation for that irritating and very loud RFI signal on 5950 // KBS.
in addition, when KBS was gone yesterday, so did RFI sign off on the same frequency. very strange anyway.

Re: 5950 kHz - KBS mixing with RFI

Posted: 07 Oct 2018 23:04
by KnobTwiddler
I noticed that yesterday, it's crazy to have two transmitters on the same frequency running the same power but broadcasting in different directions and with different stations.

If you look at RFI on 6175 on the same thing is happening at 09:00 - 12:00, there are two transmitters listed from the Issoudun transmitter site one is beaming 153° and the other is beaming 267°.
It may work but the audio would have to be absolutely in sync to avoid echo problems, but at least it's the same station with the same audio.

Here in London we have Premier Christian Radio which is supposed to have a synchronised system with two transmitters each on 1305 and 1413kHz MW.The transmitters are never in sync frequency or audio wise and there are times when it sounds awful, it either has an echo or there is a 2 second audio delay if you can receive both transmitters at the same time as I do ... sometimes you can here the system trying to sync the audio on one of the two transmitters on 1305, but it never sounds right.

Re: 5950 kHz - KBS mixing with RFI

Posted: 08 Oct 2018 16:04
by PFM907
Well, the listing for 6175 might be an error (new ERP entry entered, forgotten to delete old entry). however, it gives the same programme.
Using the same QRG at the same time with different stations is simply useless and does not have any sense at all as none of both can be heard.

Re: 5950 kHz - KBS mixing with RFI

Posted: 20 Oct 2018 17:50
by PFM907
Seems to me the problem being solved couple a days ago. KBS is now stronger then ever. Even the loudness was powered up :)