MLA-30 Active loop antenna

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MLA-30 Active loop antenna

Post by Julian Hardstone » 25 Mar 2020 23:41

Plenty of these on eBay, seems an attractive unit for non-critical MW use. All the listings simply quote the manufacturer's Chinglish nonsense so you have to look for reviews to learn anything more. All reviews are American and all are using some SDR kit so a) they don't mention LW, and b) they all power it from the SDR over USB which may be injecting a load of digital qrn.

Obviously, don't expect the gain and dynamic range of a Wellbrook loop, but I'd like to know how it performs from a battery supply, feeding into a battery portable, and whether the response goes sensibly down to LW as per the specs. Has anyone here tried the MLA-30?

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Re: MLA-30 Active loop antenna

Post by satnipper » 26 Mar 2020 16:13

Presume you have seen this Julian - comments have more info. ... #more-2505

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