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Posted: 09 Jun 2018 12:31
by barryk
gnetic antenna
where can i buy one!
for medium wave

Re: RGP3

Posted: 09 Jun 2018 23:23
by zach_m
I think you meant RGP3. This antenna was made by Brazilian DXers (club members) and I am not sure if it was ever available for sale. You could try contacting one of the members of the Brazilian DX club. They might be willing to help. Here is the website of the Club:

Ordering page for radio and other stuff is here but I don't see any RGP3 listed???

On the other hand, you could build antenna similar to the RGP3. Have a look at this post. There is an English translation of how to build the RGP3.

Re: RGP3

Posted: 11 Jun 2018 16:32
by barryk
thanks for reply,i will try brazil yes it is rgp3
i was hoping to try and build one.
the only one i have seen is £250 for ferrite rods alone!
not sure how critical rods are.
i would have liked to build the one by gary de bock. on swllistening
i can manage to build stick with wife's help but i only have one arm had stroke i am a bit wary of going inside the box a new tekson pl380!
i am using teksun an200 antenna at the moment.
barrie g3mtd in devon