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Anan 100D

Post by Tim Bucknall » 23 Jan 2016 13:35

thought this post on the icom 7300 group would be of interest

"Sorry for jumping in so late, but I'd like to add that if it weren't for the phasing capability of the two receivers in the ANAN 100D, I wouldn't be able to operate most nights on 160m. I have a 1-acre lot surrounded by upscale housing development, and huge noise issues from plasma TV's, variable speed motors, switching PSU's etc.

If anyone is interested in the details, I use an inverted-L antenna for TX, and for the noise reference antenna on RX. The other antenna is a diamond-shaped vertical (20 feet around) shielded loop mounted on a Radio Shack TV antenna rotator, with a quality 20dB preamp. Using that combination I can steer the phase and magnitude of the two signals to either peak desired signals or null interference; the sharp nulls of the receiving loop can also be used to reduce local noise, since the loop loses direction sense as the incoming angle increases.

This is not, BTW an ad for the 100D, since that appears to be a sensitive subject here. I have a 7300 on order and intend to have a blast operating it portable and as a backup rig in the shack. I do, however want to point out that the 2nd receiver in the 100D and the higher-end Flex rigs is far from useless, depending on where you live and how/where you want to operate.

My .02,

Jim N7CXI" ... EIVER.html
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