Low cost low noise preamp - link

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Low cost low noise preamp - link

Post by daveB » 27 Mar 2015 15:52

I came across this item which looks like it has the potential to for the basis of a low noise / wideband preamplifier.


I've bought the one without the USB connector and it will fit into the smallest diecast box. I've just got to work out how to mount it. At the moment I'm think of soldering on two pig tails of RG6 cable with F sockets on the other end - and a small inductor between the +5-15v hole and the output cable should work for providing power via the coax. The spec on the Min-circuits datasheets looks impressive 20-25dB in the 50-108 MHz region with under 1dB n/f. The onlything to watch for is it wan't 50mA of current - so the box could get a tad warm. But a £7.95 it's worth a try.


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