Burkhard reuter Standalone SDRs

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Tim Bucknall
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Burkhard reuter Standalone SDRs

Post by Tim Bucknall » 16 Jan 2015 16:03

Julian Hardstone visited today was impressed by the BR RDR54D1, particularly the bandscope
so i thought i'd share this link with you

when i received the South African Beacon on 50.044 via tep, it was completely inaudible on the Icom R9500 and no hams reported it on the cluster
if it wasn't for the RDR54d1 i would have missed this very weak and marginal opening

its noise reducing skills have made my MW band partly useable again,
on the R9500 972 khz is a mess of local noise but on the RDR a weak pile up can be heard (still no korea yet!)
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