Please help me find a good portable radio

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Please help me find a good portable radio

Post by RvdH60 »

I am looking for a portable bedside radio with good to very good selectivity and sensitivity (DX worthy) mainly for FM but AM would also be very nice to have as well.
The radio should also have an option to connect an external antenna and power option.
Main use is to do some dx-ing from my bed (no I am not lazy). I also like to wake up in the morning to anything but Dutch radio! Nothing beats a good foreign station on FM in the morning or to go to sleep on! :)
During my search I came across the K-PO WR2100 World Band Radio Receiver.
I looked on this forum but couldn’t find any reference to it existence or performance. Does anyone have any experience with this radio?
If there are better or more sensitive/selective radios on the market, please let me know.
All assistance is very much appreciated.
Good Hunting,
René, Amsterdam

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Re: Please help me find a good portable radio

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XH Data D808
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Re: Please help me find a good portable radio

Post by KnobTwiddler »

Many radios from China are badged under different names, the one that you listed doesn't get much of a rating on >>

Take a look at the reviews and ratings for General coverage receivers before you decide >>
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Re: Please help me find a good portable radio

Post by satnipper »

The XH Data 808 is an excellent portable set. The bang for the buck factor is hard to beat.

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