new PIRA 275 can be used like the conrad rds manager

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Tim Bucknall
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new PIRA 275 can be used like the conrad rds manager

Post by Tim Bucknall » 07 Feb 2017 15:56

forgive that description i don't know how else to describe it, basically as well as being a rx in its own right it will take a mpx feed from another source

when you tune off the top or bottom of band it goes into a mode like the conrad

i've had this since xmas but weather and family circumstances stopped me fully putting it through its paces in the real world

as i said somewhere else i like that it looks less like a bomb than the previous model :D

metal case much more durable Italian STL/OIRT coverage down to 64mhz very useful
the rubber end pieces means it sits on the dashboard well and doesn't fly off when cornering

i'm keeping my P175 so i can re-live my middle east adventures anytime - 30 Israeli,palestinian, & Turkish stored complete with scrolling rds!
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