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Radio 208 Denmark

Posted: 20 Dec 2019 11:42
by simbeav
I suppose that most have heard the news that Radio 208 in Denmark has started on 1440. Pest or welcome addition :)

It's coming in very well hear after Saudi Arabia closes. Music, "not bad". The first track I heard was by The Dead Kennedys and since heard Iggy Pop.

I haven't caught a Radio 208 ID, but it seems to have a "Rock of Copenhagen" slogan.

Re: Radio 208 Denmark

Posted: 20 Dec 2019 13:42
by PFM907
yes they have indeed here u r some jingles:

it was from times when their signal was provided by -god-only-knows-whom-and-why (pirate??? german operator? swedish operator? for test purposes?) on a different frequency earlier. however, they said 14-40 within the ID.

back then it was stated to be not an official transmission by Radio208 itself. :o :shock:

this is some very good music with nice signal after dark! if only the Arabic station would turn off overnight :twisted: :evil: