Den Akker 1395 stops! others too.

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Den Akker 1395 stops! others too.

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On May, the 11th, some of the LPAM from NL are about to stop sending out mediumwave signals.
Among them is "Studio Denakker", the by far easiest catch and best signal in Europe on 1395 AM.

these ones are confirmed to be suspended for good:

675 kHz : Studio 675 + Haags Radio, Wassenaar
747 kHz: 747 AM, Deventer
891 kHz: Euregio Radio, Baxem
891 kHz: Radio City International
1224 kHz: Kilrock 1224, Gravendeel
1395 kHz: West Coast AM, Katwyk
1395 kHz: Studio Den Akker, Klazienaveen
1485 kHz: Centraal AM, Apeldoorn
1584 kHz: Radio Paradys FM, Utrecht

future of Hotradio Hits and Hotradio Classic is not sure yet. but new stations will come instead, too.

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Re: Den Akker 1395 stops! others too.

Post by KPC850 »

Why are these being suspended?

voluntary or otherwise ?

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Re: Den Akker 1395 stops! others too.

Post by RvdH60 »

Please follow the link below for a full overview of all AM stations in NL.
It will show you when a transmitting permit (in dutch called "vergunning" ) for a particular station will expire or has expired.
It will also state if the permit was not extended ("geen verlenging" translates as, not extended), and a result the station fell silent.

If you need more explanation, please let me know.
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