World’s Most Powerful Medium Wave Transmitter in Hungary

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Re: World’s Most Powerful Medium Wave Transmitter in Hungary

Post by PFM907 » 05 Nov 2018 20:23

Kossuth Rádió will reach over the air in all of Europe.
Yeah right. But let us be honest: Who has been waiting for that?? What public do they want to get in touch with? Is there any need or potential in listening to Kossuth Radio abroad for the ~ 350 Hungarians in their trucks ??

What a waste of energy and money. It's a pity this excellent, free channel and this amazing transmitter being wasted for such a boring content. I do not quite get it: Why blowing a domestic radio station (that can be heard nation-wide everyhwere in the country on at least 2 frequencies at the same time anyway) in a language spoken by only a few 100.000s worldwide up into the air to reach a public of 500 million people? Wasted potential.

Hungary is not the richest country in the EU. So why not spend the money on improving the health care situation, the real estate and housing problem, the desastrous public transport, the poverty, the racist / discrimination issue of Sinti and Roma, corruption, improvements in tourism , violation of human rights etc. etc. Better invest in a medium wave transmitter that will cost tons of kWh every year. Who is paying for that? The tax payer . Probably the same one who is begging around tourists at Keletipalyarudvar. It makes me cry to watch Hungary going all the way down during the past 10 years. What a beautiful country in bloom once, full of spirit and energy. And today? What is left of it?

Why not put something important on 540 like Petöfi, Music FM , Rise FM, or the international broadcast of Magyar Radio in the minorities languages? Instead, they operate several co-channel LPAM that never got synchronized and that always run late after another resulting in terrible echoes and causing problems to understand what is spoken (1188 - 873 etc) at all. 873 is the best joke ever, co-channel with Moldova which is almost neighboring country (at least the province of Moldova in the historical context). Energy bills must be cheap over there . Could better burn the money in open fire.

540 can be heard all over Europe and Africa, it is a shame to provide such a station that is not interesting for the majority of people. Kossuth on AM (next to 150 % coverage on FM !!) might be worthwhile for a few 100s outside Hungary on AM, talking about Austria or ROmania. Those could be reached by 1350 / 1188 easily wth this first national public service station.

Instead of improving public basic infrastructure (water, electricity, railway, postal system, free press, digital technologies, affordable flats, highr standards in hospitals, childcare etc), installing a 2 megatwatt Mediumwave (!) transmitter. in 2018. Do not want to insult anybody personally but to me it feels, like everything in Hungary is turning backwards recently.

I would like to get to know their public. Are even 1000 of the daily Kossuth Listeners tuning in via the AM frequency? What is the use of this? Or is it only for "keeping the frequency in case of..." purpose? Dont get it..just my 2 cents or 3.
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Re: World’s Most Powerful Medium Wave Transmitter in Hungary

Post by AMDXHUN » 05 Nov 2018 22:08

540 kHz is the "offical" station for any emergency, wartime or state of emergency. Part of national security plan.
Btw yes, I agree with you, at this situation is a big waste of power and money. The facility uses 2% of power of the Nuclear Plant in Paks.

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