Antenna tests on the Yeovil remote SDR

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Brookman Spark
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Antenna tests on the Yeovil remote SDR

Post by Brookman Spark » 10 Feb 2017 12:20

The Yeovil Somerset KiwiSDR is currently doing tests with different aerials. As the receiver includes MW coverage as well as SW this might be of interest to readers here.

"Antenna is automatically switched at approximately 15 minute intervals:-
TC2M broadband vertical in use between 00 - 15 and 30 - 45 mins past the hour
E-Probe vertical between 15 - 30 and 45 - 00 mins past the hour"

Yesterday (Thursday) a 1-metre active loop was being switched with the TC2M.

Here's the URL for this SDR:

Thanks to the SDR owner for running these tests.

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