1440 Radio Luxembourg tribute- oh dear!

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Tim Bucknall
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1440 Radio Luxembourg tribute- oh dear!

Post by Tim Bucknall » 31 Dec 2015 00:21

at 0013utc on 31/12/15
1440 Luxembourg is currently broadcasting what sounds like the retrospective from 31/12/1991
but they should have done some research first because it features glowing tributes to and from... Jimmy Saville, Chris Denning! & Cliff Richard!

the phrase "ill-judged" doesn't begin to cover this broadcast!

oh dear Radio nonce-mbourg what have you done!

I was actually a listener prior to the 1991 shutdown - in those days it was Mike Hollis, Shawn Tilley, Robin Banks etc
but the memory is well and truly soiled :D

on the plus side i'm once again amazed by the noise rejecting ability of the Reuter RDR54D1
on the icom 1470 is just a wall of noise but the on the Reuter I can hear a Latin American Pile up
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