medium wave 76 years ago today

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medium wave 76 years ago today

Post by Tim Bucknall » 16 Sep 2015 12:02

hope this post isn't considered spammy.
it was too on-topic for off channel and too off channel for the rest of the forum
I forgot that I'd pre-programmed this tweet for today:

"16/9/1939 Polish Radio in Wilno (Vilnius) (50kw on 536khz) & Baranowicze (Baranavichy) (520khz) taken off air by Luftwaffe bombing #dx #mediumwave"

The studio at Baranowicze was built in an "art deco" style - like Poirots house from the tv show!
is still in use as a Belarusian TV station today and is apparently considered to be a treasure of architecture

The Poles were very proud of the Baranowicze station, Bogdan Trybuchowski, the gentleman I did a radio interview with for Radio 4 was taken there on a school trip as a young child

the station was a way to spread a standard form of Polish to extremely isolated regions that spoke either Belarusian or hybrid Polish-Belarusian Patois, thankfully they did use airtime to document Belarusian music & folk culture so it wasn't entirely a "colonial" exercise. the station had only been on air for 1 year before the war so hardly anything survives from the archives

the Wilno/Vilnius station was much older and Polish radio put some clips online recently which naturally I can't find now but the Wilno interval signal was birdsong ... r-zaczynal
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