And you think there are no Es?

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And you think there are no Es?

Post by satnipper » 27 Jul 2015 15:28

Here in JN13 band I has no Es action and band II some interesting tropo-enhancement to Catalunya but no Es. However there are Es about. On 28227 IW3FZQ (789 km) and 28240 IZ8RVA (1103 km) are in and out - 10m short skip Es.


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Re: And you think there are no Es?

Post by daveB » 27 Jul 2015 21:08

It's more like sporadic SpE. This is where an SDR with fast scanning software is a distinct advantage in finding the short-lived openings. My log for today shows an eight minute opening to the Balkans (1401-1408 UTC). A 13 minute opening to Italy from 1440 -1453 UTC another one at 1533-1537 UTC and 12 minuie opening to the Balearic Islands from 1555-1607 UTC.

The scanning software is SDR# with Jeff Knapp's FMSuite beta version 1.7.5650. SDR# feeds RDSSpy and then the logs from each poece of software is combined in a spreadsheet with a lookup table function to match frequency to RDS data.

Reception is so intermittent that I picked nothing up in manual tuning during the first two openings - I was always on the wrong frequency. For the later openings I was away from the radios. ... &omid=2414


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