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621 kHz Wavre - airtimes

Post by PFM907 » 08 Oct 2018 05:19

I start to wonder if RTBF has any clue about what to do with their medium wave transmitter operating on 621 kHz.
At least, it is now being switched-off during nighttime, after having been on air with empty carrier several weeks.
This resulted in destroying everything on this frequency and right next to it, does anybody know the reason for it?

Now, it is supposed to sign-on at 4:50 UTC with a carrier and the program start according to MWLIST is 5:00 UTC.
I wanted to try getting hold of Radio 1 Pridnestrowie which is sending out its UA service from 4:00 UTC weekdays.
If I am not totally wrong, this means a time slot of in total 50 minutes when Pridnestrowie is about to hear clearly.

Today, when I woke up at 3:40 UTC (=5:40 CEST), the carrier was already there, programme started at 4:00 UTC.
No way to pick up the forein service from Tiraspol. I wonder if anybody has mixed up UTC with CEST or whatever.
In fact, the announced airtimes for Wavre transmitting site are far away from reality, nothing seems to fit here.

During the DXers corner on KBS German this Saturday, listeners were told Wavre starts up at 5.50 UTC (7.50 CEST).
Also according to this DX website, Pridnestrowie should be audible from 3 UTC, while RTBF is supposed to be not:
https://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendu ... rowje.html

I am now really beginning to hope that RFBF will switch off 2019, their past announcements were rather unreliable.
Honestly, I do not see the sense in using a schedule which is changing every few weeks and that noone understands.


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