First MW DX of the season -CRI 1521kHz

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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Re: First MW DX of the season -CRI 1521kHz

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 11 Sep 2018 10:15

Damn noise! I hope you don't get too many problems with that Dave. It's resurfaced here, but in my case I have some connection problems which I must sort out soon.

I keep thinking about building a KAZ, just to see if the noise pickup is less. Maybe. Just ... well, if I can summon the enthusiasm.

In today's age of (sometimes infuriating) modern technology, I can only hope that a clever bod somewhere will come up with the ultimate 'intelligent' noise filter which will cancel out all electrical noise forever!

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Re: First MW DX of the season -CRI 1521kHz

Post by simbeav » 11 Sep 2018 10:35

I've just read that the new "Bullet" trains that you lot in England will be getting from Japan are so electrically noisy that they will have to run on diesel on the "North" because they interfere with trackside safety systems ! Of course the solution is not for Hitachi to design better trains, but better insulation for the trackside equipment. The rest of us can .......

Luckily we don't get any of the infrastructure spending here in Wales.

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Re: First MW DX of the season -CRI 1521kHz

Post by daveB » 11 Sep 2018 11:25

Unfortunately the noise is 24 hr long now. My best guess is it is something solar powered, though I'm not sure.
When I was first testing the loop in the Spring there was no sign of it. Then when I re-installed it - it was OK Day 1 - was present on Day 2 and got worse. Wasn't there at night, but then was until around 1 am. Now it is all the time. Given that I installed the loop on an overcast day and then we had a rainy day, followed by improving weather and yesterday was sunny, my interpretation is that something solarr with run down batteries has manage to fully recharge.
The noise covers the whole of the MW and at it's worse is 50 dB above the noise floor - on our family portable radio even the strongest MW stations are obliterated. So in theory I could raise a complaint with Ofcom - but will they respond? I'm sure it will be well down on their priority list.

This is what it is like just now. But is intermittently dropping by 10dB from this and last night it was 10 dB more.
MW  Loop 11Sep2018-1019UTC.jpg
Needless to say - no dx got though last night.this morning.
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