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Radio Romania - Antena Satelor

Post by PFM907 » 27 Feb 2018 13:19

Don't know if anyone has noticed that before or if it`s even relevant but I recognized "Radio Romania Actualitat,i" running on 153 kHz long wave last night instead of Antena Satelor. At 1 AM CET this morning, there was the well-known news jingle stating "Aici Bucureshti (Here is Bucharest, Radio Romania Actualitat,i ... it is 2 o'clock" with time beeps and signature. I have noticed that by chance because I have heard this jingle just before at 2300 CET = 22 UTC on AM 1530 kHz and was very surprised to hear it now back on LW two hours later. I did not know that Antena Satelor carries Actualitat,i between 22 and 6 AM, but it seems to me, it does. however, this is not mentioned neither in MWLIST / MWSCAN nor in EMWG (outdated) and also not on wikipedia who states Satelor as an own, fulltime network.

Both channels belong to the public service Radio Romania, so it is the 1st national radio station replacing the 5th at night.
I have never read before that Antena Satelor would relay Actualitat,i (as this one is broadcast among several very strong tx across the whole country on both FM and medium wave) and Antena Satelor is supposed to carry own programme (with own news in fact) 24-7. Maybe this has become common and Antena Satelor is now getting used to carry the Actualitati nighttime schedule or eventually nobody else has noticed before? Or has this something to do with the lots of snow in Romania? I cannot say if Antena Satelors medium wave frequencies carry Actualitati at night, too. Stupid me, forgot to check... but I guess so.

Hope this is useful. Antena Satelor broadcasting on

153 LW - Bod near Brashov
531 AM - Urziceni near Ialomit,a (so this makes 2x Actualitat,i at night together with Petroshani who carries RR 1 all day)
630 AM - Voineshti near Dambovit,a
1314 AM - Constant,a near Black Sea + Ortishoara near Timishoara

MW frequencies are interrupted during night for a few hours but continue (obviously with Actualitat,i) in the early morning.

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