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819 China

Post by PFM907 » 19 Feb 2018 13:19

after having caught the North Korean test tone until 2024 UTC yesterday, between 2040 and 2200, a Chinese one popped up and suddenly swamped out the socialistic voice of freedom:


regarding the ID given in this clip at 2:25 and according to the soundfile on intervalsignals.net, this tent. log turns certainly out to be

pres. Shanxi RGD Zonghe Guangbo General "Shanxi RTV Public Service Comprehensive Broadcasting Station" from Shanxi province :shock:

however, there is a little doubt about the transmitter site...
Yuci-Zhangqing (Jinzhong), 100 kW TRP is the most logical one
Yanhu-Anyi (Yuncheng) with 7.5 kW TRP and Peijiazao-Fanzhuang (Datong County), 10 kW TRP are listed with the same px.

according to

any suggestions??

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