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Radio Dechovka

Post by PFM907 » 14 Feb 2018 14:18

This is a general warning on personal data rights regulations abuse:

After having sent a QSL email to this radio station in January, I found back my whole address (including full name and street!) on a czech DX page which has in fact nothing to do with the programme. (I did not receive any answer of them, by the way, except my email being returned due to mailer daemon failure...)

Regarding simple logical thoughts, I presume there might be a slight connection between these two events. Or is this just a coincidence? I guess not. (never wrote anything on that forum as I do not speak their language very well).

If you send out any reception report to this station, be careful. You might not know where those data gonna end up. I found mine by chance spread all over google so everybody worldwide, searching for my name, would find it. Keep that in mind!

If you don't mind what is about to happen with your address, you might send them a report. I suppose, you won't get a reply, anyway. My emails regarding the abuse claim of my personal data rights infringement came back immediately (both, radio station and DX page).

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