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Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 17:10
by PFM907
Good signal over the past few days for this station.
They do indeed broadcast at uneven frequency 677.

Iidhaeat Libia Alwataniat 89.3 FM 675 AM Binghazy
( = National Radio Libya 89.3 FM 675 AM Benghazi )

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 12 Jan 2018 17:24
by KPC850
Any one know the rationale for them being on 677kHz instead of 675 ?

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 15:25
by Brookman Spark
Since their reappearance a couple of years ago they have been seen at 675, 677 and 677.5 as steady frequencies, ie not drifting between those steps. Are those choices explainable as mistypes on a keypad?

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 15:37
by Julius63
Here in Holland we also have a good signal of Benghazi on 677.
But me and a couple of fellow DX'ers are puzzled by a 2nd station on 675,pres. Arab too. If you use a small filter we can easily hear 2 stations, the more stronger Benghazi and a 2nd station on 675 itself. It is Arab we think(not farsi), px with western influences. I heard many mentions of Arabiyah the other day.
Qatar on 675 could be logical but none of us was able to catch an ID or find a // on the web during the past week. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Julius

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 15:57
by Brookman Spark
Usually Qatar - checked when they had a findable web stream. And I've just reminded myself, also checked on Hotbird 12654 H before my dish decided to take a holiday next door.

The Saudi/Riyadhs can also be heard on a Greek SDR with moderate audio delay between the two of them, and mostly underneath Qatar.

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 13 Jan 2018 17:14
by PFM907
This channel has a very interesting history. Before the liberty war, it was public state radio service LJBC Radio Jamahiriyah on 675. During the war, it was "redeemed" (so-called, as well has been 1053 kHz at the same time) by Sawt ul-Libya al-Hurra - The Voice of Free Libya still using 675. But EMWG (outdated in2016) already notes: also heard on 677.5 kHz. has listed National Radio Libya Benghazi on 675,00 AM in Oct., ´17 (and National Radio Libya Tripoli on 1053 AM) after been heard on 677,500 kHz in 08 / 2016. In the meantime, they must have at least changed their QRG three times, from 677.5 to 675 and back again to 677. 1035 was not received in 2016 according to

MWLIST / AMLIST says: "also obs on 677.5 kHz, on air 07/2016," and does give the following ofsett (dated 07 / 2017):
674.992-675.007, occ. on 677.5

SO it is obvious they have been changing their frequency several times within the past two years. By chance? I dont think so as the offset is pretty close, so the transmitter does not seem to wander across the band by chance. Seems like some technician does change it from time to time. ... ibyen.html
has confirmed by the end of Oct. 2017, that only 675 and 1053 are still active. All the rest is gone by now:

"Über längere Zeit war der Mittelwellensender in Bengasi auf 677 kHz abgedriftet. Inzwischen wurde seine Frequenz wieder auf 675 kHz korrigiert." (for a period of time they went towards 677 but have now corrected to 675 again) - in 10/2017.

Now, Jan. 2018 it is remarkable noise and interference by floating transmitter on 675.000 kHz but audible in good quality on 677.000 AM. And yes UR right. I have also heard Kathar in the back (onm 675 when Libya is not present) but they do never give any ID at full or half an hour. So does Egypt on 864 (Quran prayers non stop 24-7) and Iran on 1079 (not 1080 too!). Never been able to record and ID so far although for sure knowning the origin.

Re: Libya 677 kHz

Posted: 14 Jan 2018 19:10
by Julius63
Thanks for all the info !