Video Demo - Tuning MW, noise, etc.

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Re: Video Demo - Tuning MW, noise, etc.

Post by simbeav » 04 Dec 2017 15:38

Very interesting John.

A couple of years ago you posted a few of your Perseus files which I downloaded and I was green with envy at your quiet conditions. I was going to say that you now have it worse than me on some frequencies, but this morning, right on queue the noise levels across the band have gone up considerably.

It's also interesting to compare see the differences in our respective receptions. I tried listening to my recordings at the same time as yours :-

570 CFCB was coming in loud - Also Radio Nacional Colombia.
590 VOCM about the same strength, but more splatter not having your null.
650 No sign of Greenland here (I rarely get it and still haven't had an ID). Lot's of splatter at the time you got Greenland as well.
660 I seemed to bgetting WFAN better at that time.
670 At the time you passed I was getting Radio Rebelde.
680 was a mix for me with WRKO fighting it out with CFTR (I think I can hear a second station on yours as well).
690 nothing but splatter at the time you tuned in, but something trying to get through later.
700 WLW weak and noisy probably even worse than yours.
730 CKAC coming through fine.
760 I had a nice WJR signal
1010 didn't have your noise, but I get more splatter from Netherlands, but WINS was quite listenable. In fact it was CFRB at that time for me - WINS came in strong later.
1130 WBBR wasn't listenable at that time for me.
1630 My noise levels were very high there. No audio just the carriers.
1660 I get the "wobblers". I also get lots of "all over the place" very striong traces on most frequencies from 1590 up. Wipe out whole frewuencies at times. I think it must be some local misbehaving devices.
1670 wobbler as well.
1430 I get that one as well (what is the Newark station ?)
1520 WWKB - Not good at the time you played, but a strong signal at other times.


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Re: Video Demo - Tuning MW, noise, etc.

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 04 Dec 2017 16:24

Interesting to read your comparison, Simon. Thanks for this.

Weird how WJR has been so elusive here this season, while other DXers have heard it well.

"The Newark station" on 1430 is WNSW. The offset is about right, but I don't know if they drift like that.
simbeav wrote:
04 Dec 2017 15:38
I get the "wobblers".
I think it's old age in my case. :lol:

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