ANNOUNCEMENT: Skywaves Live Chat for Medium Wave

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Skywaves Live Chat for Medium Wave

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 25 Aug 2016 19:24

In recent years, a number of us have used Skype messenger as a live "talkback" chat before/during openings. This proved very useful but Skype had a few issues for some of its users, so we toyed with the idea of using a simpler web-based chat. Just before the summer we started a new "Google Hangouts" FM DX chat and this has proved to be very useful with no fewer than 23 users popping in and out. It's also been far more reliable than Skype.

We promised that there would be a medium wave chat in the future. In fact, we began one around the time we started up the FM/Band 2 chat. Understandably, this has been fairly quiet during summer, but should now come into its own as winter descends.

Interested in dropping in? You can sign in with your existing Googlemail account if you have one. This is necessary to be able to log in to the chat. It's easy to create a Googlemail account if not.

To find us: Log in to Gmail and visit: Once in Hangouts, search for user "Skegnessdx" (John F) or "radioredcat" (Andrew). If you can't see us, post your Google account name on this thread, or send it in a private message, and we'll make sure you have access as soon as we can. It's a ten second job!

All web based systems of these kind have their own little quirks and Google Hangouts is no exception. The key thing to remember is that, once you have been added to the chat, it may be necessary for you to close down and re-open your browser in order to see the chat room. Some people log out and back in again. This little 'fix' is often good if you have any other issues, but we have found Google Hangouts to be largely very reliable indeed.

When visiting the Skywaves chat, we request that you keep things radio-related and as on topic as reasonably possible.

Having the ability to share live DX experiences, pass on useful tips to others, share unidentified recordings and all in real-time, can be enormously beneficial.

Hope to see you there.

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