Bretagne 5 1593KHz

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Bretagne 5 1593KHz

Post by Pascal Duval » 08 Feb 2016 23:16


I have been receiving Bretagne 5 1593KHz this evening in L'hay les Roses but is much stronger received when in Josselin. I have find this article concerning Bretagne 5 and apologies for bad grammar but traslate by google traduction.

Britagne 5, is first an idea, that of friends for 14 years dream of creating their own radio. For Nathalie, Stéphane Frédéric and others, the idea was to be able to broadcast programs on a wide area north Breton (may affect about 800 000 inhabitants), medium wave. Who said waves, said frequency, said transmitter. At the time, everyone invests his own money to build a pylon transmitter in Saint-Gouéno. Meanwhile, the project changes, new ideas appear, why not finally create a regional digital radio? But the record does not advance. After some doubts and disappointments, go again in 2010 and this time they decided to go through medium wave, cheaper.

Playing the front brush to get behind the microphone
To issue, it is of course the approval of the High Council for Broadcasting (CSA). This is now done, a frequency was awarded to them in 1593 kHz AM. For two months, they found their space in the Cotes d'Armor Quessoy and do not relax their efforts to be ready in June.

Bretagne 5

JM. Seigner, C. Bazille, D. Lefebvre / Technical Manager with Fréderic Guyon Britain 5, Stéphane Hamon Manager antenna Bretagne 5, Karine Doré volunteer columnist

Medium wave, what is it?

The medium wave is the ancestor of the FM (frequency modulation), little used by the radios. Its broadcast range though is often wider than FM, although the sound quality is lower. Medium wave and can listen to many foreign stations, nearly fifty in France. In 2002, the CSA has tried to improve their image but in vain. All new authorized such radios have been dropped. The arrival of the internet and listening, possible streaming, has not fostered their return.

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