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Wayne Griffin
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New member

Post by Wayne Griffin » 17 Mar 2015 16:53

Good afternoon everyone,
Thank you for the add, already making good use of the site.
Name here is Wayne and location is Kidderminster Worcestershire IO82UJ. Although I'm licenced (M0BRU) I class myself as a SWL 1st.
Enjoy all forms of radio but enjoying decoding stuff.
Equipment used;
Trio R600 bedside rx
Kenwood TS870
Winradio G313
Yamaha TX-592RDS
Icom IC706Mk2 in the pickup

Had some success with continental FMDX last year so hoping to improve on that this year.
I'll be taking down the 2m beam and replacing it with something dedicated for band 2.

Thanks again and see you seen.....Wayne

Nick Gilly
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Re: New member

Post by Nick Gilly » 17 Mar 2015 18:38

Hi Wayne and welcome to the forum :-)

I'm a band 2 DXer myself and use various tuners (see signature below). It would be good if you could get something set up in time for the Es season.
Good DX.

Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

BW Broadcast RBRX Encore, Kenwood L-1000T, Yamaha T-2, Denon TU-800L, Kenwood KT-1100SD (modified), Yamaha T-85, Sony XDR-F1HD tuners, horizontal Körner 9.2 beam (Antennenland version), Yaesu G-450C rotator

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Julian Hardstone
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Re: New member

Post by Julian Hardstone » 17 Mar 2015 19:56

Wayne - I used to visit your part of the world regularly and dX from my late father's house, up the hill in Bewdley. If you can take your gear out mobile you should do even better, but most days I could hear Boulogne on 99.9 and Brussels on 93.2, which was kind of reassuring! A nice little regular from there was R. Shropshire on 90.0 from the Church Stretton 10W tx.
I look forward to seeing your logs when conditions open up a bit.
- Julian

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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Re: New member

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 17 Mar 2015 20:16

Great to have you here Wayne. I hope you enjoy the forum.

Yes, it's not that long for the Es season. Two months at most?

Andrew Webster,Wigan
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Re: New member

Post by Andrew Webster,Wigan » 17 Mar 2015 20:32

Welcome to the forum Wayne.

Receiving equipment: 2 Sony ST-S311, 2 Sony ST-SE920, 1 Sony ST-SE700 1 Denon TU-1500RD 2 crossed FM 5s rotatable, 1 homemade FM 3 horizontal beaming S/E, 1 vertical FM 3 fixed beaming at Ireland, 2 element band 1.

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