Hello from Norway

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Knut Aavik Johannessen
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Hello from Norway

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I live in a municipality called Froland which is located close to the coastline and slightly to the east of the southern tip of Norway. I’ve been DXing on LW, MW and SW since 2013 and FM and DAB since 2016/2017. Nowadays my main focus is FM and DAB, but I occasionally indulge in some DXing in the other bands. My logs from Froland are on FMLIST and MWLIST.

My equipment:
Radios: RSPdx, RSP1A, SONY ST-SB920 (2x), Sangean DPR-67, Roberts Vintage DAB+, Tecsun PL-310ET, Tecsun PL-660
Antennas: 8 element OP-DES from InnovAntennas (mounted horizontally), Wittenberg WB 205 (5 element YAGI mounted vertically), Triax Omni FM antenna, König ANT-VHF7-KN (DAB antenna), Tecsun AN-200
RSPdx, RSP1A, SONY ST-SB920 (2x), Sangean DPR-67, Roberts Vintage DAB+, Tecsun PL-310ET, Tecsun PL-660, 8 element OP-DES from InnovAntennas, Wittenberg WB 205, König ANT-VHF7-KN, Tecsun AN-200

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Chris Howles
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Re: Hello from Norway

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Hi Knut and welcome! I've seen your logs on FML, it must be great to be able to DX on FM now that there are only a few low powered stations around? Conversely I miss getting receiving Norway but it must be fantastic for you to have such a clear band.
Denon TU-1500RD X4, Rotel RT-955, Icom IC-R7100, Tescun PL390, Auna DAB, D100 TVDX conv
Homebrew 6 el modified Triax FM, Homebrew 2 el 64-105MHz, vert FM 2 el(ESE), 2x horz FM 2el facing S and SE both mounted low

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John Faulkner, Skegness
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Re: Hello from Norway

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Hello Knut.

Good to see you here and a very warm welcome to the clan!

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