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A late analogue TV log

Post by daveB » 15 Oct 2016 18:15

Back in 2003 / 2004 I had a 10 inch Galaxy 25 hooked up to a single Triax BB grid in the loft with Maxview preamp. I was looking for something in the a world Atala and came across a couple of A4 handwritten sheets of Band 4/5 TV DX - a long list of Danish UHF TV and one Norwegian TV station.

The notes for 2003 cover 14 Sept to 18 Sept 2003 and indicate clour reception and some signals at P5.

I've gone through TVList for the old analogue transmitters - and my most intriguing reception was of "Norway 2" - identified by ads showing an internet address of .no - on Ch 32. The only transmitter listed on TVList had a power of 150 watts! Does anyone have a record of a higher power station on that channel? As an observation the Galaxy 25 had a digitally set analogue tuner - not a tuning knob so there is no confusion on the channel numbers.

I also noted that Denmark TV2 was displacing Cyrstal Palace on Ch 30 and 33 on the 15th and on the 7th was displacing Ch 26.

Almost a year later on Sept 7th 2004 another opening to Denmark was noted - this time with a lot of German transmitters from the Jutland peninsula area.
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