Two DAB mpx at once

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Julian Hardstone
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Two DAB mpx at once

Post by Julian Hardstone »

Tonight I was listening to R Wales on DAB as I moved round the house. Midway between the two radios I noticed there was a significant delay between the two, like about 4 sec. After much head scratching I asked both what mpx they were using.

The kitchen radio reports it is on 10D NE Wales W Ches for which it uses a 3-ele DAB antenna on the side of the house about 7m up, pointing pretty well West for max indicated signal. The portable upstairs at about 10m agl reports "10D North Wales" and uses a short vertical whip.

10D NE Wales W Ches comes from L'pool, Wrexham, Llangollen, and Moel-y. 10D North Wales is from Llanddonna and surrounding tx. I'm guessing there's some pretty strong Band III tropo tonight. Noticed this at 8pm, still there now 22pm BST

Gd dx - Julian

Tim Bucknall
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Re: Two DAB mpx at once

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Band 3 and up always did open more easily than band 2
Which seems to be flat here
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