Dutch govt plans FM licences auction in 2015

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Dutch govt plans FM licences auction in 2015

Post by RadioescuchaDX » 30 Dec 2014 16:42

The extension of commercial radio licences in the Netherlands will depend on the take-up of DAB+, according to the government. If in 2016 at least half of homes have a TDAB receiver, the government can start planning the shutdown of FM services, the minister of economic affairs told parliament. In such a case, the analogue licences will not be re-auctioned.

The minister was responding to a question that arose in a parliamentary debate 12 November. The Socialist Party claimed that the commercial stations were already promised an extension of their licences. The minister said the government's policy is to auction the frequencies.

In 2011, the analogue radio licences were linked to digital permits, in order to encourage simultaneous broadcast and the expansion of digital services. These licences expire 31 August 2017. The government aims to hold an auction well before the expiry, likely in 2015.

Source: Telecompaper
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