sporadic-e opening British Islands-Canary Islands?

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Re: sporadic-e opening British Islands-Canary Islands?

Post by Paul_Logan » 18 Jul 2018 23:07

Hi Tomas,

everything I was hearing was coming from Tenerife. Are you listening from El Hierro?

Ireland has a very different "dx climate" than Britain. So you may have been able to hear something from here but nothing from there.

Sometimes I see other people hearing Ireland but I cannot receive anything near their listening location. I am not sure what causes this.
I see it a lot between here and Finland and sometimes with central Europe.

Maybe you will catch the south coast of Ireland via tropo one of these days :-)
Paul Logan
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Re: sporadic-e opening British Islands-Canary Islands?

Post by tomas112 » 20 Jul 2018 23:45

Hi Paul
Affirmative, i´m listening from El Hierro Island, but remotely.
All the previous years I have always listened from Tenerife, more specifically from the Anaga zone. It's a very good area for the dx. However I could only listen England, never Ireland.
I have not yet had time to test El Hierro Island listening area well. It seems that the limit of the FMDX is about 2000-2300 kms.
I must have patience...


Tomas Gonzalez
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