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Ràdio FLAIXBAC / FLAIX FM - frequency changes

Posted: 27 Jun 2017 08:32
by PFM907
just had a short look at

and found out some intersting changes that are missing on FMLIST

-96.0 Andorra is used by FLAIXBAC, not by FLAIX FM due to this list
-89,6 Portbou is a new frequency for FLAIXBAC (Flaix FM "plan" listed!)
-90,8 Calonge/ Mas Nou is not used by FLAIXBAC anymore.

next I watched

- 88.6 FM for Costa Brava is new for FLAIX FM (listed as 88.4 on FMLIST !)
- 91,7 Vielha / El Aro is not used by FLAIX FM anymore or not yet (listed "Plan")
-101,9 Canarias - Santa Ursula not listed, seems to be off air

useful to know during ES openings towards CAT and AND

FLaixbac= 80s, 90s music / rock, pop, disco
FLAIX FM= commercial house, dance, charts