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Israel/Palestine changes/updates

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 09:04
by Tim Bucknall
was in the Holy Land to deliver a lecture on the Polish 2nd Corps at
Birzeit University
I stayed in Ramallah for the 1st night and made extensive notes
but then as a surprise I was moved to Jerusalem for my final night by
the Polish Consul apparently they always do this to give their guests
chance to sightsee, anyway in my hurried packing I left my notes in

tons of Jerusalem tropo logs to type up but I just did a memory dump
of the Pira P175 RDS analyser so I can reuse it for London pirates
next week


first thing, Radio all for peace on 107.2 from Ramallah is gone, the
channel was totally free and the Gaza relay of Ajyal FM was audible
along with an unlisted Israeli unid on 107.1

The Polish Embassy's driver said it had been gone for some time (it
used to relay Polish radio)

all these logged/stored in Ramallah

88.4 Holy Quran R, _88.4fm_ AF: 88.1,88.2, 88.4, 96.9
82EE PTY:00 S
RT: Holy_Quran_Radio_-Nablus_96.9fm_88.4fm_&88.2fm_tel_09_2331010

88.6 unid Palestinian, weak in Ramallah, stronger in Jerusalem but by
then I had no batteries for the Pira
__MO__HR pi:1357 PTY 00 S


91.7 Najah_FM FA22 PTY:00 M AF

91.9 ISR, unlisted relay of Gal Galatz PI: 42E9 PTY:10 S

92.1 unlisted (on fmlist) Israeli pi: 4416 PTY 00 S partial PS
KOL-???? logged in Ramallah

92.3 _ANGHAM_ pi:8205 PTY 01 S

93.6 (not in WRTH) Mawtiny , dynamic ps: captured as "wtny-F-F" AF
pi:4250 PTY09 M
low audio, logged in Ramallah
RT ??????????????????????????7???????????_??_??_??????

94.2 Radio Sawa, _Radio__ AF PI:3D44 PTY:03 M

94.6 R monte Carlo Doualia, _CARLO__ E654 PTY:00 M

97.288khz unid Palestinian stn in AA, no RDS, blank carrier overnight
measured using Isr 96.6 as freq reference

97.9 Radio 24 97.9____ TP AF pi:5418 PTY 01 M

99.0 Eco FM, Isr new PI 430B PTY 10 M
RT http://www.eco99.fm_Best_music???1?????????ng

101.9 new Ramallah stn, RDS still in factory default!
Dynamic PI: TESTED_AND_____WORKING______OK F000 PTY: 00 S

102.3 FALASTIN A555 TA AF PTY 00M unlisted site, poor in Ramallah, not
noted In Jerusalem //90.7
AF:90.7, 99.4, 100.1

102.8 A7LA_FM_ AF F2FF PTY:01 M

103.4 AJYAL_FM TP AF 8202 PTY 01 S
AF: 92.8, 93.8, 95.7, 100.4, 103.4,105.8, 106.6, 106.9, 107.2

104.2 unid Palestinian stn in AA ps: AB?????? ppi: F201 PTY 03 M, id
sounded like "al borj" weak right channel in stereo

104.5 Alhorya Radio dynamic PS 104.5_FM PI:0009 PTY 00 M

106.3 Radio Bethlehem 2000, PI: 04C7 relays BBC Arabic many times
including overnight

106.9 as 103.4 except PTY 01 M

107.2 as 103.4 except PTY 01 M

I did some listening in the airplane

as well as the BBC's Wrotham TX the following were strong enough to
produce RDS inside the plane

98.1 HRT-2, HRV
95.3 RTS, Belgrade
105.3 R Osijek, HRV
93.8 unid Turkish PI code 3201

Re: Israel/Palestine changes/updates

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 09:11
by Nick Gilly
Excellent info there Tim. Thanks for this. Maybe some of us will be lucky enough to receive some of the stations on your list in the 2017 Sporadic E season.

Re: Israel/Palestine changes/updates

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 10:38
by Tim Bucknall
that reminds me, I would recognise the Israeli time pips and would be happy to listen to a short mp3 of anyones reception

95.5 seems to be most powerful Israeli stn, it reached out furthest into the Med.

Re: Israel/Palestine changes/updates

Posted: 12 Nov 2016 10:58
by Tim Bucknall
nearly forgot 104.9 El Watan (homeland), new Palestinian local station, location unknown no rds