Scanning options for SDRs

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Scanning options for SDRs

Post by daveB » 20 Mar 2015 21:46

Is anyone else using CSVUserListBrowser for scanning using HDSDR? I've managed to get it working after a couple of false tries. Where I ran into trouble was in setting up the options in CAT to HDSDR. Basically you can only make one setting at a time - so I set the port, set the baud rate, but didn't realise I had to go back and click on "activated". I thought "activated" was a descriptor - not a check box. Any way I've set up virtual com ports pairs using two different freebies - com0com being one of them. I've set up the scanning with a personalised list to look at the non-local stuff between 87.6 and 94.4 MHz. A four second delay between frequencies is more than enough to capture RDS details with RDSSpy.
This is why I'd love to be able to produce a plug-in for RDSSpy that continually polls HDSDR for the Tune frequency, updates RDSSpy's internal frequency location when it sees a change and then when an RDS signal is decoded the subsequent RDSSpy Log would have the correct frequency. As it stands I'm using 94.4 MHz as a marker as it is a local Radio 4 frequency and will always produce a pi code. From the time stamp I can then work out the frequency of any other station logged. I ran the scanning for a few hours to confirm that the 4 second interval was just that - so we'll see what happens. I've tailored the number of frequencies scanned so that the cycle is exactly 3:00 minutes just so it's easy to follow.

I've also tried Andy Pritchard's RDS Data Logger on the SDR# Platform - but not as intended. I have had Jeff Knapps' frequency scanner plug in for some time so am running that with Andy's Plug-in set to single frequency. The result is a fast scanner - but set to a delay of 4 seconds if a station in detected.
The set up works but the only issue is that the RDS decoder built into SDR# is a lot less sensitive than RDSSpy. So with this set up it will zip past blank channels and only flag up activity. So that would give a good early warning system - useable with a cheap dongle.

Going back to CSVUserList browser. I've used it to download a complete database of FM stations within 3000km from FMList into an Excel/OpenOffice spreadsheet. This means I can query the database in ways that are not possible on the web-site. e.g. enter a PI code and find every station that is listed as using it, including the frequency. It's also a back up for identifying stations in case FMList goes down. It will obviously need updated regularly


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