Strong electric QRM on the FM radio band

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Strong electric QRM on the FM radio band

Post by atfmdx » 15 May 2019 17:32


today I have done a bandscan from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz, the FM band.
I noticed strong QRM perhaps from electrical devices and other stuff on the entire band today.
I live in a large city and I'm in an area with lots of housing and apartments.
The QRM were so strong in some cases that it didn't let the RDS data come in in some cases were there has to be RDS.
For example the Kahlenberg transmitter is 12 km away from me and transmits with 100kW ERP.
And on two of its px I didn't get RDS because of the QRM.
It's kinda frustrating to be honest... :/
Especially because it is obliterating farther stations as well.
For example 106.0 Banska Bystrica 50kW 207km which does come in regularly has had no signal at all.

Anyone else experiencing this kind of appearance too?
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Re: Strong electric QRM on the FM radio band

Post by Lucas | TransistorFR » 15 May 2019 18:50


On which receiver did you notice the QRM? I ask that because it would be interesting to see how the QRM looks like on the spectrum by using a SDR software. The QRM is present at your own home or somewhere outside your home? If you receive the QRM only at your home, it would be a great idea to completely shut down your house's power grid for a moment and see if the QRM is still present or not.

If the QRM is no longer present, it would mean that it comes from your house and sometimes it could be from a simple source like a computer monitor (it happened to a friend of mine!).
If the QRM is still present, it would mean that the source comes from a neighbor and there's unfortunately not much to do in this case.

Hoping that your problem will be solved,
Keep us posted!
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