the 106.8 spurious BBC R1 radiated from Stanton Moor

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the 106.8 spurious BBC R1 radiated from Stanton Moor

Post by Tim Bucknall » 02 Sep 2018 11:00

i've been doing some tests with a signal source to work to try and estimate how much power is radiated by this thing
considering that it has the advantage of a serious aerial system it must be radiating mere milliwatts, considerably less power than an I-trip tx

maybe even microwatts -is that the next unit down after mW ?:D

its just lucky it falls on a blank channel- not as blank as it used to be , ridings FM now nibbles away at the northern coverage area of the sprog

anyway i'm glad its there and long may it continue, i hope one day some foreign dxer picks it up on sporadic e.
maybe it should go in FM list like the hungarian spurs already listed

don't tell the beeb anyway- i like low power dx targets

overall the fact that this is notable speaks well of BBC engineering, if you drive past the similarly powered Buxton tx you don't hear anything on 107.0 even though its a clear channel , years ago i noted a mix on 87.8 but this has gone

is there any way to get a more accurate power measurement near the site, what gear would i need?

do any other UK tx's radiate odd things? what about Irish txs? ca: 2000 some Irish local stations did radiate IPs
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