Very Short Meteor Scatter

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Very Short Meteor Scatter

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 13 Dec 2014 18:21

While checking my overnight meteor scatter, I came across a reflection of BBC Radio 4, complete with PI code of C204, on 93.7.

The only three listed transmitters are:

Holme Moss - 250 kW at 151 km
Bristol - 1.3 kW at 277 km
Rhymney - 20 watts at 290 km

Other short-range transmitters were also received at this time. Wenvoe on 94.3 for instance and with the same signal strength. Black Hill was on 95.8 and Brest was probably received on 93.0 and 95.4 - all at the very same moment.

Could this be Holme Moss on some kind of meteor backscatter? The other two transmitters would seem less likely. Or, since Wenvoe was coming in, maybe it was just Bristol/Illchester Crescent!

Here is the video:

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