Annoying YouTube Anomaly

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Annoying YouTube Anomaly

Post by John Faulkner, Skegness » 30 Oct 2014 13:38

Re: Skegness Log: 28-10-14

It's annoying when you realise that the videos you uploaded to YouTube aren't all there. There were many problems with YouTube locking up, mid-upload, on the 29th and I spent most of the day battling with all kinds of problems like this.

I only noticed this as I was looking for my video of Radio Hagen on 107.7 and couldn't find it.

I don't think there aren't too many videos missing, but I can't easily work out which aren't there since YouTube have messed up the chronological order. As Radio Hagen was probably my best catch of the day I just tacked the re-uploading again, but was met with a message stating this is a duplicate as the video is already there. I can't see it! It won't appear in a search, as all the other stations seem to.

Can anybody else see this? If you can, perhaps you could paste the link in here please. Thanks.

Nice one YouTube! Perhaps you should rename yourself YahooTube.

// Edit: I found the video in the Video Manager section. It appeared to be OK and had been published, but there were no views, unlike the other uploads. I deleted it and re-uploaded it anyway. Same problem still exists! It won't appear in the main video list, yet I have a direct link to it -" onclick=";return false; which works fine by itself. This is ridiculous! I wonder how many other videos aren't displaying.

Edit 2: It has suddenly appeared, several minutes later! The wonders of modern technology.

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