Radda in Chianti-SpE- 01.07.2020

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Radda in Chianti-SpE- 01.07.2020

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A very good opening, the one of the 1st of July, into the whole of Spain.
The areas heard changed very often and it has been also possible to catch signals from Catalunya.

Signals were, at times, very strong and the opening took more than two intense hours of funny Dxing.

But, en fact, everything has started with the reception of a signal from Greece on 91.6 in my car: back at home, I was trying to receive something more from Greece but, on the same frequency, I heard something from Catalunya coming very strong....

That day's highlights: the powerful signals from Rocacorba (725 Kms only) and, above all, the very local and rare 7 de Radio from Barcelona on 99.2 (luckily I have recorded something of it).

Franco Martelli, I-53017 Radda in Chianti

RX: Degen De1103 (110+53 KHz filters) + telescopic antenna

MHz UTC ITU Program + Location Details Remarks km
87.60 1817 E COPE, Astorga/El Sierro (CAL-LE) // live streaming multi tx 1420km
87.70 1823 E Rock FM Huesca, Huesca (ARA-HU) Local voice id 971km
87.70 1812 E Europa FM, Villalbilla/Mirador de Alcalá (MAD-M) // live streaming 1260km
87.80 1919 E Onda Cero, Navalcarnero/M600-Cementerio (MAD-M) // live streaming 1319km
87.90 1827 E La Nueva 87.9 FM, Madrid/Carabanchel-Buenavista (MAD-M) // live streaming 1296km
87.90 1854 E RNE Ràdio 4, Alpicat (CAT-L) // live streaming 910km
87.90 1904 E RNE Radio Clásica, Bunyola/Alfabia (BAL-ML) // live streaming, weak 831km
88.20 1847 E RNE Radio Nacional, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) // live streaming 1287km
88.30 1809 E Rock FM, Pamplona=Iruña (NAV-NA) Voice Id, George Harrison 1057km
88.30 1820 E RNE Radio Nacional Navarra, Gorramendi (NAV-NA) Local voice id 1036km
88.40 1809 E Ecuatoriana FM, Madrid/Carabanchel-Buenavista (MAD-M) Voice Id 1296km
88.60 1818 E Catalunya Música, Soriguera/Pic de l'Orri (CAT-L) // podcast: classic music + talks in Catalan 835km
88.90 1923 E ICat FM, Canet d'Adri/Rocacorba (CAT-GI) // live streaming 725km
89.40 1922 E Cadena 100, Canet d'Adri/Rocacorba (CAT-GI) // live streaming + Voice Id 725km
89.50 1914 E Onda de Fe, San Sebastián=Donostia/Monte Urgull (PVA-SS) tentative, religious talks 1078km
89.70 1821 E RNE Radio Nacional, Los Oscos/Peña Soar (AST-O) tentative location 1481km
89.70 1840 E Radio María, Grávalos/Monte Yerga (RIO-LO) // live streaming multi tx 1097km
90.10 1828 E Super Latina, Madrid/Carabanchel-Buenavista (MAD-M) // tune in 1296km
90.30 1846 E RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) // live streaming 1287km
90.40 1939 E Onda Cero, Mérida (EXT-BA) PS logged: ONDACERO 1562km
90.70 1833 E Catalunya Ràdio, Pineda de Mar/Puig de Llevant (CAT-B) // live streaming 742km
91.00 1926 E Europa FM, Madrid/Torrespaña (MAD-M) // live streaming 1287km
91.10 1921 E RNE Radio Clásica, Canet d'Adri/Rocacorba (CAT-GI) // live streaming 725km
91.20 1813 E Gansta FM, Alcorcón/Tres Aguas (MAD-M) // live streaming 1303km
91.60 1748 E UNID, Talks in Catalan
91.60 1751 E Kiss FM, Huesca (ARA-HU) // live streaming, George Harrison 964km
92.30 1906 E RNE Radio 3, Bunyola/Alfabia (BAL-ML) // live streaming 831km
93.30 1925 E RNE Radio Nacional, Canet d'Adri/Rocacorba (CAT-GI) 725km
94.80 1910 E COPE, Gijón (AST-O) // live streaming multi txs 1371km
96.00 1841 E RNE Radio Clásica, Oviedo/Monte Naranco (AST-O) // live streaming 1388km
96.70 1825 E RNE Radio Clásica, Zamora/El Viso (CAL-ZA) // live streaming multi tx 1407km
99.20 1836 E 7 de Ràdio, Barcelona / El Carmel (CAT-B) // live streaming 793km
100.20 1849 E Radio Galega Música, Muras/Monte Xistral (GAL-LU) // live streaming, Julio Iglesias 1527km
104.20 1848 E RNE Radio 3, Muras/Monte Xistral (GAL-LU) // live streaming 1527km
106.60 1849 E RNE Radio 5 Todo Noticias, Muras/Monte Xistral (GAL-LU) // 90.3 1527km
107.30 1851 E UNID, Talks in Spanish, short skip

91.60 1721 GRC ERA 1 Proto Programma, Parnitha ERA (att) 1194km

88.70 1819 POR Rádio Comercial, Lamego (vis) // live streaming 1598km
Rxs: Degen DE-1103, Sangean ATS-909, Tecsun PL-398 MP

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