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Dave Onley
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SDRUno - RDS Spy

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Heard on the SDRPlay stream this weekend that in the coming week there is to be an Open Beta Release 1.4 of SDRuno. The interesting thing is that there will now be a DAB plugin. It will probably be bare bones but at least its a start. The RSP1A is a star performer for DAB so I'm curious to see how it goes. I still use Jan van Katwijks, Qt-dab and DAB Scan.

And the other news about SDRuno is it will have a plugin also for RDS Spy. Good news for FM dxers. Personally I prefer HDSDR and SDR Console.

Dave Onley
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Re: SDRUno - RDS Spy

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Personally I prefer HDSDR and SDR Console.
I find SDR# build 1361 with MPXOuput plugin along with the FMSuite full scanner, and the Baseband Recorder/File Player to be the most useful software. The MPX output feeds RDSSpy, the FMSuite will log all active stations and I can marry the two log files afterwards to give me unattended logging. It also has an easy to use asymetric filter. With the plugins you can record and playback long files.

I prefer HDSDR for MW DXing as it has a very good noise blanker.

I find SDR Console to need too much CPU power. With SDR# I can run Airspy at 10 MHz sample rate, and RSP1 or RSP1A at 8MHz sample rate and record both simultaneously to separate external hard drives and still have enough cpu capacity to use the internet browser.
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