Airspy HF+ and CSVUSERLIST part 2

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Airspy HF+ and CSVUSERLIST part 2

Post by JohnM »

Sorry Zach,

I just discovered that I made a mistake in myFMOMID.txt
the right text must be

myFMLISTOMID.txt to enter your log direct from the CSV > FMLIST

Sorry for the confusion !!

73, John

That is possible.
Log in to FMLIST/ myFM and search for your ID number.

Then make with a text editor a txt. file with 3 times your ID number
if your ID number is e.g. 1211 then make a txt file with

and save these numbers as a text file named

myFMOMID.txt and place this txt file into
the CSVUserListBrowser under logFiles.

To enter your log to FMLIST go to the TAB WEB
and then Post station to your FMLIST logbook

73, John

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Re: Airspy HF+ and CSVUSERLIST part 2

Post by zach_m »

Hi John. It doesn't work for me, but maybe I am doing something wrong. Anyway, thanks for your help.

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